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  Trionyx Signal Processing has a long history of involvement with a variety of clients requiring custom designed electronics hardware with associated embedded software.
  • DSP Software
    Applications include Telecom Signal Detection and Tone Generation (e.g. DTMF, MF1), Modem algorithms (e.g. FSK, PSK) and software Radio demodulation algorithms. In these applications the executable code can be embedded into the DSP/Flash memory. Programming languages used are DSP assembler and C.
  • Embedded Software
    Application areas are device control applications that use a dedicated embedded microcontroller with peripheral interfaces. The microcontroller is programmed in the C language.
  • Embedded PC Software
    Typical application areas are dedicated PC applications for the Telecom and Healthcare markets. Programming languages used are C, C#, XML and SQL on both Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Intranet Application Software
    These application areas used within a company for data analysis. Typically, this would be an Business Intelligence applications are for the analysis of large amounts of data stored on a databases (the applications would use the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Programming languages used are HTML, PHP, C, and SQL on both Windows and Linux platforms.
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